NUS CVCF FOC 在神的国度里, 我站在哪里?(2-4 Aug)

NUS Chinese VCF FOC - 在神的国度里,我站在哪里? Where do I stand in God’s Kingdom? Date: 2&nd …

IFES EAGC 2016 (5-9 Aug)

The triennial International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) East Asia Graduate Conference (EAGC) is a time whe …

NTU CCF FOC 站稳脚步, 踏上旅途。 (12-13 Aug)

NTU CCF 站稳脚步, 踏上旅途。 Date: 12–13 August 2016 Venue: Christ Church Secondary School  …

Stories Within A Story - A talk by Dr Craig Blomberg (17 Aug)

This talk will explore traditions in reading the parables and various responsible interpretation of it. It will also d …

NTU CF CAMP 2016 (19-20 Aug)

Being in a university often means being presented with new challenges, meeting expectations, making important decision …

SIM SCF FOC - Kingsman: The Sacred Service (19-21 Aug)

SIM SCF FOC- Kingsman: The Sacred Service Date: 19–21 August 2016 Venue: St Andrew’s Village …

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